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Hot Melt Adhesive Composite Machine for Cloth (YD-095)

Equipment Profile:

      The cloth hot melt adhesive compound machine can be used for the compounding of cloth, TPU and PE plastic film to produce various functional cloth products. It can be used for the compounding of plain weaving, knitting, elastic cloth and cloth. It is suitable for garments, underwear, bedspread of household textiles, sofa, cloth for shoes, boxes and bags, industrial cloth, and cloth. Compound medical and health cloth. The advantages of this equipment and traditional compound machine are glue environmental protection, full automation, tension control, automatic edge alignment, product surface smoothing and edge neatness, PLC human-machine interface operation is simple, can access the characteristic data of each material, and completely realize the operation without a master.

Main features:

      - Hot melt adhesives without solvent are environmentally friendly adhesives.

      - Hot melt adhesives have no moisture content and need no drying to save more production and faster production.

      - Strong adhesion fastness, less dosage and strong strength;

      - Heat source of heat conducting oil, heating faster and heat uniformity;

      - Independent platen melting system enables glue to melt sufficiently and melt quickly.

      - The dispensing method of different shapes makes the finished product feel good and firm.

      - Humanized design of machine, simple operation, saving operators.

      Dongguan Yuanda Machinery Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise. It specializes in R&D and production of PUR hot melt adhesive compound machine, fabric composite equipment, shoe fitting equipment and leather back processing equipment. Since 2000, it has been devoted to the research and development of fabric composite equipment. It has advanced manufacturing technology of fabric composite equipment and PUR hot melt adhesive. Manufacturing technology of compound machine.
      In order to meet the market demand and obtain advanced composite information, Hong Kong Yuanda Machinery Co., Ltd. was registered and established in early 2009 on the basis of the former Dongguan Yuanda Machinery Co., Ltd. to better serve customers at home and abroad and rapidly enhance the company's R&D capabilities. The PUR reactive hot melt adhesive coating compound machine produced by Yuanda is a high-quality product in the same industry with mature technology and stable quality. The company's main products: PTFE, TPU waterproof and moisture permeable film compound machine occupies most of the market in the industry.
      Yuanda company has a professional R&D team to keep your equipment ahead of the market! Yuanda has a rigorous production team to make your equipment nearly perfect! Yuanda has a professional after-sales team to carefully care for your equipment throughout the process! Yuanda has a sincere heart to serve you!
      Over the past 20 years, we have your help! Innovation, quality and service. You can make Yuanda your friend!

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